I’m Paulo Dybala. Football player. Argentinian. Cordobés.

I play for Juventus and Argentina, teams where winning is a must. To tie is not an option. I love the challenge as well as I like to win and it hurts me to loose.

Life has hit me since I was a kid. And I came through: never mourning, never settling for less.

I’m a son, brother and friend. They call me “The Jewel” and that doesn’t bother me. Even it means more pressure. A jewel always has to shine.

Baby face and killer look, that’s what they’ve said about me. Maybe because my eyes are always set on my dreams, those I’ve fulfilled and those I still strive for.

I’m Paulo Dybala, football player, argentinian, cordobés.




The mission of Sonrisa Dybala aims at enriching the lives of those with physical, psychological, economic, social or family disadvantages by promoting and integrating education, respect sports, and culture into their daily environment.

Sonrisa Dybala will develop its projects starting from Argentina-Latin America and Europe for arriving all over the world.

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Juventus vs Chievo
Genoa vs. Juventus
Genoa vs. Juventus
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